1-1 Professional Supervision with Caroline


  • 1-1 Professional Supervision with Caroline  gives you direct access to wisdom gained from decades of industry experience and her deep understanding of the human condition and all its physical, emotional and mental realms of complexity.
  • She holds space for safe, confidential, professional supervision where you are free to share and explore your ideas and experiences, good or challenging.
  • She is an attentive, empathic listener who will encourage you to connect to your own unique heart wisdom.
  • Get clarity on where your true responsibility lies regarding personal and professional issues that have caused you confusion or distress.
  • Receive constructive feedback that will support your self-development while also honouring your inner knowing and life experience.
  • Enjoy unconditional support & encouragement as you nurture the leadership qualities you aspire to bring forward in your chosen channel of service.
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Caroline’s knowledge and understanding of spiritual wellbeing is one of the factors that drew me to seek Professional Supervision with her. Spiritual wellbeing is paramount in my line of work and in my life.

As a qualified counsellor, and with her work ethic and professionalism she had the ability to make me feel at ease and comfortable enough to have open conversations, which I will never otherwise do.

I felt safe, always respected, and I felt like I was really being listened to, and I trust her.

This is a very rare quality to find, and I believe everyone should have this quality of service in their lives.

I have first-hand witnessed on many occasions over the years, Caroline imparting her knowledge, using hands-on and hands-off healing, using different healing modalities, without judgement or discrimination, showing unconditional care to all.

From the deepest part of me, I thank you.”

Connie Dou Nopera, Rongoā Māori Practitioner

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